LIVE Video this week?

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well!

I want to do a live video this week… I’m just not sure of the day or time yet… but I will post here and on the community youtube tab. 🙂

My new mic is supposed to be here today… but it’s not showing that it’s out for delivery yet…. so hoping it gets here today so I can try it out and if it’s good I’ll use it for the live. Yay!

See you guys soon!!

Clifta ❤

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Lose Body Fat with These Good Sources of Proteins and Carbs

Just wanted to list some really clean & healthy sources of proteins & carbs.

These are what I’ve been eating for the past 5 weeks.


Egg Whites

Egg Beaters

Chicken Breast

Turkey Breast

Salmon (can)

Tuna (can)



Brown Rice


Sweet Potatoes

Pasta (occasionally)

My Favorite Veggies




*I eat about every 3 hours and usually have a protein, carb, & veggie with every meal except my last meal before bed… no carbs.

*I also use stevia, ketchup, bar-b-que sauce, fat free dressing, & spices that contain NO SALT.

*I don’t use butter, mayonaise, or sugar.

*I drink water (1/2 my weight in ounces), crystal light, tea, coffee (1 cup in A.M.), & diet pepsi (maybe 1/2 to 1 per day).

*You can see my supplements here.

Thank you,

Clifta Coulter Perez

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Eating Healthy in Restaurants

Did you know that when eating out at a restaurant… alot of times you can order good choices that might not be on the menu?

Usually most places will have some type of chicken or fish dish with a carb & vegetables.

Chicken or fish are the best low-fat choices for protein… so…

Say you see a dish with chicken and pasta with some type of sauce. Or you see a fish dish, but it’s breaded and/or fried and the side is a baked potato with cheese and broccoli. Or you see a chicken dish with vegetables and they’ve been cooked in oil.

And, what if those are your best choices off the whole menu. Which one do you eat? Which one is the healthiet?

This is what I do when I see choices like that. Usually places that have choices like that… can also make the same combinations, but can prepare them a little healthier if you ask.

So what do you ask for? You always want to try to get your chicken or fish grilled or steamed, with no breading.

You can also get baked if it’s not baked in butter or any fatty sauce. Try to stay away from sauces if you can or get it on the side if you want, so you at least you have control over how much you eat.

For the baked potato you would want to get it plain with no cheese, sour cream, or butter. You can still have the broccoli on it, but ask if the broccoli can be steamed.

Anytime that there are choices of pasta, potato, fish, chicken or vegetables… you can always ask for everything plain with no sauce or butter and ask if they can steam or grill things rather than fry.

You’ll be surprised how often they can accommodate you if you just ask. Then you don’t have to be afraid of going out to dinner anymore!

Take care,

Juicing Healthy Energy Drinks Carrots & Garlic!

This is one of my favorite, healthy, alkalizing drinks made with carrots and garlic. It’ll bring your pH level right up and to me it’s very healing, energizing, & healthy! When your body is slightly alkaline like it’s supposed to be… You’ll feel better, have more energy, loss weight easier, and loss alot of your aches and pains!!!

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and are so good for you. Ha… Look at Jack Lalanne! He’s 90+.

If you look to the left… you’ll see really good prices on the Jack Lalanne Juicer .

Thank you,

Clifta Coulter Perez

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Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Potatoes… A Great Source of Energy!

PotatoPotatoes… A Great Source of Energy!

You don’t know how many times that I’ve heard that potatoes are not good for you, that you shouldn’t eat them, and that they’ll make you fat, but I’m here to tell you they are a great source of complex carbohydrates and will only make you fat if you prepare them incorrectly and put the wrong toppings on them.

Frying potatoes or any food, for that matter, is one of the worst ways to prepare them. Also topping your healthy potato with butter, sour cream, cheese, or bacon bits are really the things that make you fat, not the potato itself. If prepared correctly and with the right toppings, potatoes are a great energy source to add to your diet. They can help you to push harder during your exercise routines helping you to burn more calories and lose more weight.

Potatoes are a very nutritious vegetable with great health benefits. They are very high in vitamin C. One medium potato contains 45% of the vitamin C that is commended for good health. Potatoes are also high in fiber and contain more potassium than a banana.

Potatoes are naturally low in calories and contain no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. The skins of the potatoes supply a beneficial dose of fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and several B vitamins.

You can cook potatoes in a variety of ways like boiling them, baking them, steaming them, roasting them, microwaving them, mashing them, and even making them into french fries… all in a healthy way, of course!