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  1. Cool blog you have here Clifta!

    I look forward to receiving any “updates” as you add them.

    I don’t know how you can keep up with all that you do (blog, vids, Bootcamp Trainer, 3 Youtube channels, Personal Training, tending to the horses & pups, Reno Fitness website, newsletters, etc….). Do you have a “Team of Elves & some Magic Reindeer” working ‘behind the scenes’ to help you out maintaining everything?

  2. Thank you, Rick!

    Haha… NO, but I wish I did! LOL!

    It’s hard, but I’m just learning how to juggle it all!

    Thank you for subscribing!

    If you email me at cliftafit@yahoo.com , I’ll give you my ab tip on crunches. I really need to re-do it eventually. I know you wanted some ab/core tips… hope you like this one. It’s one of my favorite ab exercises and always was. It’s very simple but I think crunches are great and work great if you do them from your abdominals and not your arms or neck. You can add a weight behind you head to challenge yourself even more. MAKE IT BURN! haha.

  3. Hello Clifta,
    I am about to start dieting for my first figure show ever. Im prety nervous but excited all at the same time. I saw some of your videos on youtube and now your like my all time favorite roll model. You have alot of great workouts and really helpful tips. I was wondering if you had any adivce for me. Thanks Sarah.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    When is your show?


  5. Hi Clifta,

    You totally inspire me… You look amazing and I now realize how much work it takes to look like you do..
    What I’d like to know though is how much cardio do you do..?
    I’ve been lifting for a little over a year.. My diet consist of 2 oz of protien and 1/2 cup brown rice 5x a day plus some suppliments.. I train 4x a week plus 20-30 mins of cardio 3x a week.. Do you think I am getting enough cardio..? Is there anything else that I can do to lose more fat so I can see more of my muscles..?

    Thank you for your time..

    Pauli Jones

  6. Thanks for helping me in the 1992 south fl. Comp. Looking to get back in to shape again! You look great!!! Wendy from fl.

  7. God bless you and thanks for accepting Jesus as Your Lord and Personal Savior. I accepted And I received Him In my heart in 2006 a Sunday day on the morning 9 years ago.
    I recommend you to do Judo without combining it with eastern philosophies and without compromising spiritually.
    You can be a Judo black belt and able to deffeat men and women in this chuch era grace era on Judo.
    You are so strong spiritually and physically. Answer me please on my email.
    thanks God Jesus and the Holly Spirit bless you.

  8. Are you a black belt in Judo?

  9. “Your journey back”? I was wondering back from where or maybe where is your journey going from here.

    I think you know I’d love to see you back competing, and I’d be one of your biggest supporters if you did, but I wouldn’t suggest that or push that at all. Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing is up to you and I’m just happy that you share at least part of that with us. Sorry, back to my first question, I was just asking and wondering about your journey back and not, as I said, suggesting or pushing anything.

    Thank you Clifta

  10. Hi Grego…
    My journey back from being “unfit”… I’m heading towards becoming fit and healthy again. 🙂 Hoping it will help my body heal even more. 🙂
    No… I’m not competing anymore. Just want to get leaner and be fit again. 🙂

    🙂 Clifta 🙂

  11. I would have thought you were already fit from riding your horses but I guess there’s fit and then there’s fit and you’re not gym workout fit, if that makes sense.

    No plans to enter a Grand Masters contest? Just kidding. I’m sure you could and I’m sure you could win(I’m sure you could win but again I’m just kidding about you entering). Ok. Thank you for the reply Clifta.

  12. Yes, you got it… not gym fit and not liking how high my bodyfat has gotten… but I’m doing something about now… and hoping to be changed in a 2-3 months or so. 🙂
    No, no grand masters that I know of… Actually I’m still masters for another 2 years… so by the time I’m a grand masters.. who knows… lol.

  13. From the pictures I’ve seen of you your fitness and your body fat look fine to me but it’s not my body. I have no doubt you can change to whatever shape you wish. 2-3 months? I await the results,

    I was joking about grand masters(even though I’d love to see you on stage again). I thought it was for when you were older. I didn’t know you could compete in grand masters when you were in your 20’s(as you will still be in 2 years).

  14. Thank you, Grego! And lol… yes… I’m in my 20’s… I forgot… lol. Way too young for grand masters! 🙂
    Yeah… masters is 40-49… and grand masters is 50-59… can’t believe I’m a couple years from being a grand master! haha

  15. Clifta and Lenee, both of you are welcome. So not just a master but even better, a grand master. I guess that means you’d be even better than the average master.

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