Winners of the 1st PHAT Physiques Body Transformation Challenge

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU who participated in the “1st PHAT Physiques Body Transformation Challenge”!!!!! I was very impressed with the changes that all of you made! Wow! Great job!

Just so you know… This has been a VERY HARD decision to make because you ALL have done a great job the past 16 weeks! I’ve gone over it and over it as to who should be the winner because the top 3 were VERY close! You all had one different thing that was equally a little better than the other. I even thought of a 3 way tie, but figured you would want to see 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th, huh? And I also figured… if you didn’t win this time… you have a chance to win the next challenge… and it will give you something to work and push for. 🙂

Out of the top 3… Each of you sent in all of your pictures, but I had one that didn’t join the challenge until half way through. So I thought, should I count off for that because this person didn’t go the full 16 weeks? But then this person and one other of the top 3 sent in goals and not only reached their goals, but made even new goals and went even farther than they thought they would! Then I had another person that had GREAT before and after photos, but the percentage of weight loss wasn’t quite as high as one of the others. Whew… what a decision!

So since the top 3 were that close… I decided to go with who had the highest percentage of weight loss.

The 4th and 5th place winners also made great changes as well and should be VERY PROUD of themselves. Part of the reason that they weren’t considered in the top 3 is that they didn’t send in all of their photos throughout the challenge, so although they made great changes… sending in photos during the challenge when they were due, counted as part of the judging.

Are you guys ready to see the Placings?????

The top winners in the first “PHat PHysiques Body Transformation Challenge” are….

1st Place… Nicole Augustine

Nicole is the one that didn’t come into the challenge until April, which was about half way through, but lost the highest percentage of weight in the shortest time! She reached her first set of goals and then had to change them and kept on going. She even enter her first Bikini Divas Contest before the challenge was over. She joined PHAT Camp in April and started with a weight of 121.2 lbs. and ended up at 107.8 lbs. That’s a 13.4 lb. loss, making her percentage of weight loss 11.06% ! Good job, Nicole!

2nd Place… David Duyvejonck

David started the challenge from the beginning and sent in all his photos and made great changes in each set of photos that he turned in! I was very impressed with the difference from his first set of photos to his last set! David looks awesome and has good shape and ALOT of GREAT, quality muscle! He had a starting weight of 207 lbs. and ended with a weight of 185 lbs. That’s a 22 lb. loss, making his overall percentage of weight loss… 10.63% ! Great job, David!

(No before pictures for David, but he had an awesome transformation!)

3rd Place… Emily Eckstein

Emily is so INSPIRING and has worked so hard since I’ve known her. I met her in November when she first joined PHAT Camp and has lost over 30 lbs. since then! She had just started running a month or two before then and could barely make it 2 miles without having to walk. Since then she’s done several races, even including a Half Marathon! Her motivation is so contagious… I’ve done a couple races because of her example. She’ll be getting ready for her second Half Marathon next month and is now thinking of doing a Triathlon maybe next year! For this challenge… Emily had a starting weight of 183.4 lbs. and ended with a weight of 167 lbs. That is a 16.4 lb. loss, making her total weight loss percentage… 8.94%! Good job, Emily!!!

4th Place… Rachel Sanchez

Rachel is another very inspiring person who is also a runner and very active. I can’t believe all that she does… She Runs, Weight trains, & does my PHAT Camp every week! Rachel is also getting ready to do a Half Marathon in about a week! Running is just sooo easy for her. She has worked hard to get the results that she’s gotten in her before and after and should be very proud of herself. And… she’s even thinking about doing the next Bikini Divas Contest in August with “Team PHAT”! Rahcel had a starting weight of 144 lbs. and ended at 135 lbs. That’s a 9 lb. loss, making her total weight loss percentage 6.25% ! Good job, Rachel!

5th Place… LeAnne Quinn

LeAnne is an amazing woman that I met on YouTube! She saw the challenge on my YouTube Channel and wanted to join in. She was getting ready for the Nevada State Bikini Divas Competition that was held on June 5th. I went to the show to cheer her on and she looked soooo good! I don’t know her stats as to what her weight loss was, but I know she worked really hard and made some great changes! LeAnne is the one I haven’t heard from yet about her ending weight and if it’s ok to post her before pics, so I’m just going to post one of her after pictures that I’m sure she’s proud of. Good job, LeAnne!


I’d like to say… “CONGRATULATIONS to the rest of the Challengers! Thank You ALL for participating in the “1st PHAT Physiques Body Transformation Challenge”! You ALL did an Awesome job and should be PROUD for making a commitment to Yourselves, Sticking to it, and Changing your Physiques!

You all deserve a BIG… “Way to Go”!!!”

Clifta Coulter Perez of… PHAT Physiques

Reno Personal Fitness Trainer

Reno Bootcamp Instructor


Reno Personal Trainer Clifta Coulter Perez Gets her horse ready for Horse Show

This is one of my newest videos about me clipping my horse to get ready for the 2009 show season here in Reno, Nevada.

Although it has nothing to do with the gym… it does have to do with being outdoors and being active and doing something that I love to do and have fun with… which is part of being healthy and fit and happy! 🙂

I competed in bodybuilding… from 1985 to 1996 and turned Pro in 1996 at the USA Bodybuilding Championships. What most of you may not know about me is that my “first love” before bodybuilding and working out were… HORSES! I was on my way to becoming a jockey when I started getting ready for my first contest in 1985. (You can go to my website and read about me at… )

I made this video clip for my Family to see, but hope you enjoy it as well. 🙂

Take Care and do something you love today… it makes you healthy!
Clifta Coulter Perez
Reno Personal Fitness Trainer
Former IFBB Pro

How many times per week should I lift weights if I’m just starting?

Judi & Dave HarveyI get this question often and it might help you with starting a new exercise routine for 2009…

How many times per week should I lift weights if I’m just starting? (Meaning you’ve never done it before or you have lifted weights, but it’s been a very long time since you have.)

If you are wanting to start a new exercise routine of weight training… I generally suggest starting with 2 weight training sessions per week using an upper body/lower body split.

You will do an upper body workout on one day including your back muscles, chest, shoulders, and arms. A day or two later you will do a lower body workout including the front and back of your upper thighs, your calves and maybe even include some abdominals. (Abs can be done with either upper or lower body days or both.)

I’m a big believer in baby steps and feel that if you want to be consistant with your new routine… it’s important to be realistic with your goals and not bite off more than you can chew when starting on a new exercise venture.

I feel that way for a couple of reasons…

1) If your goals are unrealistic for your lifestyle in the beginning of a new program you are setting yourself up to fail right from the start.
Example… say you want to workout 4 times per week and you can only realistically do 2 on a regular basis… You will feel like you’ve failed yourself because you didn’t do what you set out to do. That will eventually start to decrease your motivation to get to the gym. I’ve seen so many times where people quit because they were so gung-ho in the beginning and lost interest because they tried to do too much, too soon.

2) In the beginning, you’re body is going to respond to the slightest change in increasing your activity level. It’s because you’ve added something new that your body is not used to and it will respond to the new change. Even if you don’t change the way you eat or do cardio you will be burning more calories than you were from the increased activity and that will create a change for you.

Of course, if you change the way you eat as well when you start a new routine, your results will come a little faster and be more obvious, but it’s not necessary to do at first. I think it’s more important to choose what you KNOW you can stick to and be consistant with that before you move on. When you’ve conquered the first commitment to yourself then you can add another, like changing the way you eat in addition to your weight training.
So remember… More is not always better, especially in the beginning of a new routine. If you have never exercised before or it’s been a long time since you have… you will get results with 2 times per week of weight training.

As your body gets more conditioned and used to the program you are doing you can add more to each workout you are already doing, change your routine up by changing your exercises, and only if it fits your schedule and you know you are up to it… you can add a third day of training.

Until then… I feel it’s better to set your goals to What you KNOW you can stick to on a continous basis. By doing this… Physically, you will feel better because your exercise is consistant and Mentally/Emotionally, you will feel better because you kept your promise to yourself.

Clifta Perez- Reno, Nevada
Certified Fitness Professional and Nutrition Coach
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Reno Fitness Trainer Clifta Perez


I’m Clifta Perez and have been in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 23 years now.

I’m located in Reno, Nevada and currently train my clientelle at 3 different locations… from Lemmon Valley to South Reno.
My goal and mission in life is to share my passion of health & fitness with others. I’ve created this blog because I want to reach and help as many people as I can. It’s time to achieve your fitness goals in 2009!
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