It’s Never Too Late

This is my newest video clip and it’s called…
It’s Never Too Late.

Dave has been training with me for 12 years and is living proof that… It’s Never Too Late to start weight training! Or too put on lean mass!

Take care,

2 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. I love you videos, you look wonderful in them all…
    Iam “lovingmichealjackson” on you tube… is my user name

  2. Thank you for commenting and for your nice compliments!

    I’ve been training the man in this video for 13 years now. He didn’t start working out until he was 55. He’s 67, gonna be 68 in December, and has changed so much since he started! He doesn’t see himself as 67… it’s important not to get caught up in the age thing.

    I got your message on YouTube and am on my way out…
    I’ll get back to you either later tonight or tomorrow.

    Have a great day…
    Clifta 🙂

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