Reno Personal Trainer Clifta Coulter Perez Gets her horse ready for Horse Show

This is one of my newest videos about me clipping my horse to get ready for the 2009 show season here in Reno, Nevada.

Although it has nothing to do with the gym… it does have to do with being outdoors and being active and doing something that I love to do and have fun with… which is part of being healthy and fit and happy! 🙂

I competed in bodybuilding… from 1985 to 1996 and turned Pro in 1996 at the USA Bodybuilding Championships. What most of you may not know about me is that my “first love” before bodybuilding and working out were… HORSES! I was on my way to becoming a jockey when I started getting ready for my first contest in 1985. (You can go to my website and read about me at… )

I made this video clip for my Family to see, but hope you enjoy it as well. 🙂

Take Care and do something you love today… it makes you healthy!
Clifta Coulter Perez
Reno Personal Fitness Trainer
Former IFBB Pro

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