Next video coming… a Time Challenge Workout

Time Challenge workout that I did April 28th is coming next! I have it all edited… just have to do the voice over. 🙂

I will post the short version that just shows the exercises and reps… but I will add a link on that video, and in the description, to the longer version that shows me doing the whole workout so you can do it along with me if you’d like. 🙂


Leg Video Almost Done!

Just a little note to anyone checking in here… the leg video that I did on April 23rd is almost done. I have it all edited and just have to do the voice over now. Will probably have it done tomorrow, Wednesday May 11th. 🙂

It’s a longer video about 25 minutes… but will have me explaining things in the voice over. There will a small tip in this video for the hamstrings on the lying leg curl and also a good explanation of how I hit the different parts of the calf.

Some videos will be longer like this… and some will be shorter.

Hope you all are having a great day. See you soon!

Clifta 🙂

What’s Coming Up Next?

Hi Everyone…

IMG_0350I’m trying to coordinate my website with my youtube channel and really want them to work together. So I guess you could say that I’m in the process of getting organized! Yay! lol

I’ve shot a lot of footage the last week or so and sometimes it takes a while for me to edit it… so… what I’ll start doing is trying to post what video will be coming up next for my CliftaFit channel. That way you get an idea ahead of time as to what I’ll be posting on my channel. I’ll also be posting ALL of my workouts here too for my journey back… some of my workouts will be in video form on my channel and others will only be listed here… so make sure you check here often so that you catch everything because there will probably be some workouts that I won’t be able to film, but ALL my workouts will be here. Did that make sense? lol

So check here often to see what’s coming up! 🙂

Clifta 🙂