Reno Personal Fitness Trainer… Shaping Up Again!

Trainers can fall off the wagon too… just like YOU!

People tend to think that it’s easy for trainers to stay in shape. Well, let me tell you it’s NOT! We have hard times too and get caught up in work and life and sometimes can let ourselves go too, just like everyone else.

I know, because it happened to ME! Just because we are Trainers… doesn’t mean that we don’t have our challenges too to stay in shape. We  ARE  human… ya know. LOL.

I have been a trainer for 25 years now and was named Ms. USA in 1996 and turned Pro that day at the USA Bodybuilding Championships! I weighed in at 104 lbs… ripped and hard!

Over the last 4 years do you know what I found out?

You lose it if you don’t use it!

I retired from competing in 1996 after turning Pro, but still worked out pretty good up until about 2005, when I got a horse and started riding and showing again. At that point, I stopped working out and kinda started to slack on making healthy eating choices. I was still pretty active, but just didn’t do any weight bearing exercise.

Because I had so much lean mass and had been in great shape before… it took a while before I noticed what had happened to my body… It had gotten FAT!

Don’t get me wrong… my weight was still around 100-105 lbs… which wasn’t a problem. And how can 100 lbs. be fat, right? But when I got my body fat tested… my body fat had gone up to 23.6%!!! And my lean mass had gone way down. So you see… my weight hadn’t changed that much on the scale, but when I saw my body fat % and took my BEFORE pics… I could see a HUGE difference in my appearance AND I was shocked! My lean mass to body fat ratio had changed ALOT… and that’s what happens when you don’t exercise and make bad food choices. You lose muscle mass and gain body fat. And the more lean mass you lose… the harder it is to lose the body fat. You NEED lean muscle mass in order to lose the body fat! And you can’t always go just by the scale. You have to take BEFORE pics, get your body fat taken, & take measurements, as well as weighing yourself on the scale, so you can see what’s really working and what’s not.

Bottom line…

You have to exercise and eat healthy! There’s no getting around it if you want to look & feel your BEST! Especially as we get older because of our naturally declining lean muscle mass. As we age our lean mass starts to decline, which makes it easier for us to gain body fat. Exercise, such as weight training and bootcamps, along with making sure we eat enough lean protein, helps us to keep that from happening.

Now that I’m in better shape…

I won’t be so embarrassed to show you my awful “BEFORE” Pictures. YUCKY!!

None of my friends, family, and clients believe me when I said I had let myself go.

Well… I have PROOF!

And of course you can’t tell how jiggly my butt was in the BEFORE pics, but let me tell… IT WAS! lol.

February 2010…

Body fat= 23.6%     Weight= 101.4 lbs.     Lean Mass= 77.9 lbs.

April 16, 2010…

Body fat= 15.1%      Weight= 102.8 lbs.    Lean Mass= 87.3 lbs.

If I can do it from the Photos you see below… so can YOU!!!

Photo on the Left is BEFORE.  Photo on the Right is NOW. (from April 24, 2010)

Photo on the Left is BEFORE.     Photo on the Right is NOW. (from May 2, 2010)

Let me just say… I don’t ever want to let myself go again! It feels too good to be in shape… I had forgotten how that felt. My contest is in June and I have 6 more weeks left and will continue to change and get leaner. I still have a ways to go, but also have come so far from where I started!

It’s definitely not an easy journey… to change your body and your lifestyle… but it’s one that is TRULY WORTH IT… If you put forth the EFFORT!

Aren’t  YOU  WORTH  IT???????

BELIEVE… and Stay Positive and True to Yourself…

Clifta Coulter Perez

Reno Personal Fitness Trainer

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From Bodybuilder to Bootcamper!

Someone sent me a message asking how much weight I can lift???

I get that question alot so I thought it might be good to post my answer to my blog. 🙂

Well, when someone asks me that question it’s hard to know what kind of lift they are talking about. For some it means how much can you bench and to others it means how much can you curl and to a third, it may mean how much can you lift over your head. So I tell them that my weights will vary depending on what type of lift I’m doing and will then ask them to be more specific.

One year while training for a Power lifting meet, in 1991, with me at 114 lbs…

My max squat was 300 lbs. (I could squat 225 lbs. for about 4-6 reps)
My max bench was 190 lbs. (I could bench 135 lbs. for 20 reps)
My max deadlift was 245 lbs.

articleimg054Getting ready for a bodybuilding contest & off season…

My dumbbell presses for chest were 60-70 lbs. for about 6-8 reps, I could curl about 95 lbs. for 6 reps with a barbell, and did one arm DB rows with 100 lbs. for about 6-8 reps. LOL… I couldn’t come close to those lifts now!

I don’t lift like I used to when I competed… I do more of a bootcamp style workout with lighter lifting and more reps now. It’s still a very challenging workout, but just not as heavy. There are alot of bodyweight exercises, along with free weights, yoga, pilates, agility moves, jump roping, etc.

I’m about 102 lbs. now and don’t try to lift heavy anymore. I don’t have the desire to train like that and got tired of being big. I just want to be toned and fit with a little bit of muscle.

It was hard for me to get away from my comfort zone, the bodybuilding workouts, and try something new, like bootcamp workouts, but I finally did in July and I love how they are changing my body. I have some clients that I’ve been training in bootcamp style workouts for a while now and I now they work because they have all lost weight and toned up and are fit and look Great!

So I thought since my goal wasn’t to be BIG anymore, my workouts had to change. I even tried not working out as often for about 4 years. I would workout maybe 2 – 4 times per month. I did enough to keep some tone, so I thought – haha, but on July 18th, 2009 when I took “MY OWN” before pictures… I was SHOCKED! at what I saw. So, I said that’s it! I can’t slack on working out anymore! I’ve got to try something NEW!

Those BEFORE Pics were my lightbulb moment and is when I changed my mindframe from Bodybuilder to Bootcamper!

Keep a look out on my progress as a bootcamper!

I might even post my before and after photos! haha.

Thank you,
Clifta Coulter Perez

Reno Personal Fitness Trainer
Bootcamp Instructor
Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Taking Before Pictures

Reno Fitness Trainer Clifta Coulter Perez talks about taking before pics to help you stay on track with your workout & nutrition program. Photos are a great way to help keep you motivated and show you the changes you’ve made from the start of your new program. Especially if you are working by yourself and don’t have a trainer’s second pair of eyes to help you see those changes.

Thank you,
Clifta Coulter Perez
Reno Personal Fitness Trainer & Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder