Half Push-Ups

This clip shows the correct way of doing half push ups.

In order to make your half push ups more effective it’s important to keep your body in a straight line, stay over top of your arms, keep your core tight, elbows out, and focus on your chest while performing the exercise.

If you have problems doing half push ups because they hurt your shoulders or elbows… then these tips might help you to be able to do them once again. I’ve found with alot of people I’ve helped, it’s just a matter of re-adjusting form… sometimes it’s not, but alot of time it is.

Clifta is a Personal Fitness Trainer in Reno, Nevada and also teaches a bootcamp class in Lemmon Valley.

Thank you,
Clifta Coulter Perez
Reno Fitness Trainer
Bootcamp Instructor
Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder


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