4 thoughts on “Question to Clifta- Muscle Mass

  1. Hey Clifta!
    Care to share 10 helpful tips for ladies who are aiming for the muscle mass you had in the 90s? Anything from training to nutrition (besides lifting heavy and consuming lots of protein lol). Maybe you can make a video out of it 🙂

    Also, back in the 90s, how many years did it take you to get that big?

    In all your shapes and sizes, you’re an inspiration!

  2. Thank you!

    I think the biggest things are eating a balance of good food… not just protein, but carbs and good fats too. Making sure you eat every 2 to 2 1/2 hours and training hard and intense! Not always heavy, but just hard. I think I have a different philosophy on training, which involves… making every set count… it’s like a building process that takes you to the next set. It makes your pump feel like it is happening in layers and whatever muscle group you are working feels like it’s getting bigger and fuller each set… as the skin gets tighter and tighter. Important to get a big, full, pump!

    Good supplements are important too. Of course a good Vitamin and Mineral. I also used some creatine back then… don’t now.

    Drink lots of water too.

    Also important to NOT overtrain! You train and get your pump the fullest you can get it without going overboard… passed that… I think you are defeating the purpose of your training. To me… there is a fine line between having a great pump and going too far… and your body will tell you where it is… so listen to it.

    My workouts (then and now) also involve LOTS of Variety with… reps, weights used, amount of sets each workout, speed of reps, and never doing the same workout twice. It’s always different… for me and my clients. I also believe in all types of exercises… bodyweight, free weight, and machines… I use them all.

    REST is also very important. You have to make sure you are getting enough sleep each night and… You have to give each muscle group enough rest to repair itself so you can hit it hard again. It used to take me 8 days to do all of my body parts and on the 9th day was starting over again with the first bodypart. Within those 8 days… 2 of them were complete days off… so you NEED complete days off to do nothing.

    Once you know what your goals are… you have to learn to listen to your body and follow what it tells you… and it will if you listen. It’s all about INTENSITY and there are lots of ways to make your workouts intense. I just made a video about this today… that I might put up on youtube if it makes sense. 🙂

    And last, but not least… Believe in YOURSELF and do what feels good to YOU, no matter what you might read or what someone else says. I remember someone telling me that I couldn’t get my arms big by doing cable curls. They said that I needed to do heavy bar curls. Well, cable curls always gave me a great pump and was the only thing that made them grow and get bigger. I trusted what made my biceps feel good and gave them the best pump… and they grew.

    Summary: haha… it’s all about…

    Balance of good nutrition frequently, Intensity, the Pump, Variety, Believing in Yourself, Listening to your Body, Lots of water, good supplements, Plenty of sleep, and complete days OFF to REST, both physically and mentally! (hey, that’s 10 things… Yay!)

  3. Thanks for such a thought-out response, I really appreciate it!

  4. You’re welcome! I hope it helped.
    Clifta 🙂

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