Reno Personal Fitness Trainer Video- Lose Weight with Clifta

Hi Everyone,

I got my 3rd Video clip done for .

It’s a Promo clip for my personal fitness training business. It shows a couple clients that lost weight… John Nichols and Danielle Palermo. They are both doing my “Fat Burning Program” and are getting huge results!

Rene Racicot (figure competitor) shows off her great shoulders, as well as her shoulder training shoes and says they make her shoulders look better.

And then there’s Judge Patrick Flanagan working out hard and loving it! He is always so positive and inspiring and loves to work hard. He even asks for more weight. hahaha. What client does that? lol!

You’ll also see me doing a couple different exercises too.

Hope you take a look! 🙂

Reno Personal Fitness Trainer
Clifta Coulter Perez

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