3rd PHat PHysiques Body Transformation Challenge

Hi All…

This is Clifta’s PHat PHysiques 3rd Body Challenge! This one is 8 weeks and is turning out to be a big one!

You will have to take your “before” photos in the next couple of days or so and send them to me at phatphysiques@yahoo.com. (Trust me… no one will see your photos but me. They will be totally safe in my hands.) They are due this week. You can enter at anytime, but you want to try to get your photos in so you have more time to make your changes! (See the 1st PHat PHysiques Body Challenge Winners Here) Also… I will be announcing the winners of the 2nd Body Challenge this weekend, so watch for results!

Along with your photos please send your: Name, gender, height, weight, age, and waist measurement. I will also need your goals for those 8 weeks. What do you want to achieve? Ex: no fast foods, lose 10 pounds, workout 2 times per week without missing, do cardio 3 times per week, make better food choices, etc….

What do you need to start?
You’ll need to get a newspaper and hold it for one of your front poses… very important.  This will just show that you’re photos are recent because the newspaper has the date on it. Then without the newspaper… You’ll need to take a front relaxed pose, a back relaxed pose, and a side relaxed pose. If you wish to add any other poses you are more than welcome.

What do you need to wear?
Take your photos in a bathing suit or posing suit/trunks. If you don’t have that… then shorts are ok and a sports bra. Make sure your shorts aren’t too long… I’d like to be able to see your legs. You have to show your mid section too, so no tank tops. And whoever wins… I would like to post the winner’s pics on my youtube channel, blog, and sites, if that’s ok. If it’s not… let me know.

Does it cost anything to enter???? NO

Do you have to live in Reno to do it? NO… Anyone can enter this no matter where you are!

Please come by my facebook page often to see what others are doing. I would like you to post your activities and your changes on my page because there will be others there that will help support you on your journey.

Also check out the blog post below this that will give you some nutritional guidance to get you headed in the right direction.

That’s about all I can think of for now. This should be enough to get you started and if I think of anything else I’ll let you know… or if you have any questions… please feel free to ask.

Look me up on facebook… Clifta Perez

Thank you,

Reno Personal Fitness Trainer

Reno Bootcamp Instructor (2 locations)

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