Gymboss Timer
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Awesome Product!

This is the Gymboss Timer that I was talking about in my last post. I think it’s awesome for the type of workout that I posted and many others like Boxing, Martial Arts, Cardio, Strength Training, Kettlebells, Body for Life, Weightlifting, Running, and more.

Some of the features…

*You can set it for one or two different time intervals from 2 seconds to 99 minutes.
Also, the GYMBOSS now comes with a Stopwatch feature!

*The auto mode keeps repeating through intervals. You can set from 1 to 99 rounds.
Special alarm/vibrate notifies you when preset rounds are completed.

*Alarm by beep, vibration, or both. Alarm duration of 1, 5, or 10 seconds.

*It’s the size of a small pager and it’s water and shock resistant.

Anyways… I just thought I’d post this because I REALLY like mine! It makes it so you can push harder and stayed focused on what you are doing instead of watching the clock!

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