The Benefits of Weight Training

The Benefits of Weight Training

IMG_0089There are very many benefits which arise out of exercising.

The one benefit of weight training that I want to focus on includes helping a person to lose weight. This type of exercise is very effective for people seeking to lose weight permanently. Weight training helps a person increase the lean muscle which in turn increases the body metabolism.

When you have a high body metabolism the body is able to burn off more calories and therefore your weight will reduce. What you are seeking when training with weights is to increase your lean muscle mass and to reduce your body fat because when your lean mass increases, you lose body fat more quickly than if you just dieted alone.

So the most effective way to develop a lean, tight, hard body is to weight train, diet, and do your cardio together as a 3 tier approach. Although, even if you just added the weight training and didn’t change anything else in your regimen, your body would still change due to the higher metabolism that you get from your increased lean mass that you got from lifting weights.

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Weight training exercises allow you to individually focus on each muscle in your body, and like an artist, allows you to shape it how you want it!

It can also help a person build extra mass. If you are seeking to increase body mass, like a bodybuilder, you need to include weight training daily. So for anyone seeking to do a bodybuilding contest or for men who just want to add a little extra size to their frame, you need to increase the intensity of your workouts on a daily basis and eat more food to accomplish this objective.

So don’t worry women… You won’t get big like a bodybuilder from lifting weights unless you are working out very intensely, eating lots of food, and really wanting to get bigger. Men get bigger easier than women because of the higher amounts of testosterone in their bodies. If you are working out with the intention of just toning and sculpting, that’s what you’ll get, along with the benefits of a higher metabolism and LESS FAT!

So lifting weights benefits Everyone… Male or female!

Thank you,

Clifta Coulter Perez

Reno Personal Fitness Trainer

Bootcamp Instructor

Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder