Can You Calculate Your Body Fat % at Home?


I got a question from someone on my last post about Body Fat Testing.

The question was:
Is there ANY WAY for us to “measure, calculate, or test” our own BODY FAT percentage and BREAKDOWN of our FAT POUNDS, at home? ….okay, & maybe a 2nd question too, LOL, … we need to purchase any special tool to be able to do this for ourselves, at home?

My Answer:
Of course, you always hear that the water tank is the most accurate if you want to know your REAL Body fat, but if you are just looking for a tool to measure your progress and changes, and you don’t have anyone to help you, then the on-line tools below might help.

When you are using body fat testing as a tool to see your progress and your changes… it doesn’t have to be exactly accurate. You are using it as a guage to track your progress. The important thing to remember is to use the same calculator every time once you find one that you like, and to also take the required measurements the same way every time.

74f2a1a59a4106eeWhen I competed and tested my body fat on a regular basis I used a 9 point check formula, which I felt was pretty accurate. That was with calipers, and also required help from someone to measure my back area, which isn’t always handy for everyone.

So I got on-line just a little while ago to see what was out there as far as Body Fat Calculators… and to my surprise, there seem to be all kinds of On-line Body Fat Calculators available. I don’t know how accurate they will be if you are looking to find your REAL Body Fat, but I think they should be good to use as tools to track your changes if you don’t want to buy any equipment.

The ones that I listed below are just a few that I found that looked good to me… but there are lots more out there if you don’t like these.

1) Here’s Dr. Sears body fat calculator that gives you your body fat % and also the breakdown of fat mass and lean mass.

2) Here is another body fat calculator, which I like the best so far because my body fat was the lowest on this one. LOL.

3) This is another body fat calculator that is pretty good. It has a chart with it to tell you what range you are in also.

Check it out…

Hope this tip was helpful! 🙂

Thank you,
Clifta Coulter Perez
Reno Fitness Trainer
Bootcamp Instructor
Former IFBB PRO Bodybuilder

2 thoughts on “Can You Calculate Your Body Fat % at Home?

  1. Thank-You so much Clifta!
    I figured those calipers (like the one in the pic you added) were probably the best way to measure BODY FAT percentage…. I was just unaware of any other method out there. I actually had a Personal Trainer measure me with that style of caliper before (about 15 years ago), but I did not even know how he figured it out.
    I am glad to know that we are able to do it at home, without having to purchase any specialty tools…. maybe if I was planning on “competing” it’d be a worthwhile investment, but I am not planning on that.
    I am going to use all 3 example sites you provided, & as long as I keep using the same 3 site’s calculators… I will have a good “base” idea of my BODY FAT, & should be able to “track” any progress from there on in.
    Thanks again for being SO GREAT!

  2. You’re welcome!
    I hope they work out ok for you. 🙂

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